A typical initial situation

As a business man you are at a point where you want to pass on your life’s work to the next generation. The day has come when your energy and motivation are simply no longer there for being capable of leading the company into a successful future. One of your children is intended for the succession. You want to have confidence that your company will persist.

You will ask critical questions

  • Is the potential successor at all suited and what might be his or her future role in the company?

  • How can we ensure a good taking over?

  • What legal and economic conditions do we need to provide?

  • How will I arrange my own future?

Our services

Succession within the family

  • Retirement from the company

  • Redefining the own role
  • Reorientation for the next stage of life
  • Safeguarding your own existence
  • Readiness to perform
  • Qualification for assuming responsibility
  • Gaining acceptance within the family
  • Gaining acceptance among the employees
  • Development of the future strategy

Interests, ownership structure, conflicts, fears…

We have comprehensive coaching sessions with you as current owner of the company and with the potential successor. This involves the personal vision, important expectations and necessary framework conditions. The result is the succession concept. For the implementation we establish all contracts and handle the inheritance issues with involving an experienced notary. Together with the successor we develop a concept of change management and we provide support in its implementation after the successor has been installed. This is for ensuring employee loyalty. As a result, you will experience a stable continuation of business and have the personal satisfaction that the successor will continue what you have built.

Your benefit

Your life’s work remains in the family and will be continued into the next generation.

  • The course has been set to your satisfaction and to the successor’s satisfaction

  • You can retire in full confidence and focus on this new stage of your life.
  • The successor is installed in the company and begins successfully to realise his or her plans.

Are you interested in having an initial discussion? We look forward to hearing from you.