A typical situation

The operational business is going very well, but the competition’s intensity is rapidly increasing. It is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure profitability. And then there is also the uncertainty of digitisation. It is time to strategically address the company’s future.

You will ask critical questions

  • What are relevant changes in our business’s environment?

  • How is the company set up in this respect?
  • What are our opportunities and growth potentials?
  • What are the risks that we need to manage?

Our services

We create a strategic SWOT analysis for your company related to the dimensions of company and environment.


Company analysis

  • Business model

  • Stakeholder positioning

  • Attractiveness of products & services

  • Strategic performance potential (value chain, technology & innovation, personnel, capital)

  • Strategic leadership potential (corporate culture, organisation, management)


Environmental analysis

  • Market definition

  • Market potential and market dynamics

  • Changes related to key stakeholders (customers, suppliers, competitors, institutions)

  • Dynamics of the sales channels

  • Opportunities and risks


The results of the analysis are evaluated together with your strategy team. You can expect a comprehensive picture shared within the management team that determines your company’s strategic position.

Your benefit

You will receive a strategic SWOT analysis for your company as a basis for developing a company strategy. This will provide:

  • alignment of the management team with respect to the initial situation

  • transparency with respect to the potentials for developing a sustainable business strategy

  • transparency with respect to the available opportunities
  • awareness of the risks that need to be addressed

Are you interested in having an initial discussion? We look forward to hearing from you.