A typical situation

You know your initial strategic position. A company analysis and an environmental analysis have been carried out, the results are in. You now want to take the next step and develop a sustainable business strategy.

You will ask critical questions

  • What can we do to ensure the business’ long-term stability?
  • What do we want to grow toward and what should we withdraw from?
  • What will our company look like in 5-10 years?
  • What goals we have set ourselves?
  • Which adjustments do we need to make in order to get there?

Our services

In the strategy development stage, we work closely with a defined strategy team on your side. The first step involves a strategy design based on available options. We operate on the corporate or business division level and evaluate various options concerning life cycle strategy and competition strategy. There will be a strategy decision at the end of this process.

Life cycle strategies
Competition strategies
Company level
Growth strategy
Stabilisation strategy
Divestment strategy
Cost leader strategy
Differentiation strategy
Niche strategy
Division level
Product market strategy
Internationalisation strategy
Autonomy strategy
Cooperation strategy
Integration strategy

The second step focuses on strategic planning. We work on three areas: the target system, the change impact analysis, and the strategy agenda (strategic initiatives). This enables the corporate strategy or the business division strategy to be operational and ready for implementation.

Your benefit

As a result, you will receive a formulated corporate and business division strategy that is ready for implementation.

  • Involvement of the managers as change agents ensures identification.

  • Documentation of the process makes strategic decisions comprehensible and provides the arguments for strategy communication in the implementation phase.
  • The Strategy agenda provides the top-level projects for the implementation.

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