We are looking for more partners to develop and expand our consultancy group

Our common values:

How we work together as independent CONSENZUM partners

  • We bring our individual expertise into a cooperation characterised by absolute reliability, which is focused on the mutual business advantages.
  • We operate openly and with self-determination in the discussion process and respect the entrepreneurial freedom of all partners at all times.

  • Our internal cooperation is efficient and effective. The drivers for this are top-level preparation, excellent meeting moderation, and on-time provision of the accepted tasks.
  • Standardised cooperation tools ensure continuous exchange of best practices and utilisation of leverage-effects between the partners.
  • The consulting business is our passion. Each partner is fully engaged for the shared brand. He demonstrates leadership with respect to his subject areas in the CONSENZUM network and helps in realising the initiatives.
  • The common success of all partners is central to the cooperation. It is driven by the highest level of commitment to well-defined objectives and regular exchange with respect to achieved success stories.

We look forward to hearing from you.