A typical initial situation

Medium-sized companies value quality and professional cooperation with their customers. They take responsibility for the environment and are looking for ways to keep costs under control by using energy and other resources efficiently. On the other hand, they bear the weight of regulations without feeling that they are always on the safe side.

The strong focus on operating activities is the basis for the company’s success, but it can obscure future challenges and be a barrier to the company’s successful development.

You will ask critical questions

  • How can we manage the risks and recognise the opportunities?

  • How can we initiate improvement at all levels of management and incorporate that sustainably?

  • How can we set up a management system without paralysing the company?

Our services

A certified management system provides the framework for continuous improvement of a company’s performance.

The topics that are important for the company or that arise from stakeholder requirements are evaluated in the context of the company and analysed for opportunities and risks.

In planning, the goals derived from this are transferred to executable work steps and are included in the operational management system via the action plan.

The crucial factors are the mechanisms for assessing performance, from quality control through to the internal auditing system.

The inventory of existing management tools in the company is followed by determination of additionally required elements, e.g. context, leadership, planning, operation, assessment and improvement.

Management systems can be implemented individually or as an integrated management system.

ISO 9001


ISO 14001


ISO 50001


ISO 27001


ISO 45001

Work safety
(OSHAS 18001)

We support you in introducing and maintaining the most common management systems – from analysis to documentation. In collaboration with your project team or with key people of your company, we provide the necessary expert knowledge for the individual elements.

We plan and carry out internal audits and support you in the certification audit. Via the management evaluation and the system of internal audits, we also support you in the respective management system beyond the initial certification.

Your benefit

As a result, you provide your organisation with a sustainable system for continually increasing your operational performance in the dimensions of quality, environment, energy efficiency, work safety and IT security:

  • The playing field we operate on
  • The assessment of opportunities and risks
  • The objectives we want to focus on to move existing boundaries
  • The system for continuous improvement
  • Improved performance for customers, the environment, climate and the health of employees

Are you interested in having an initial discussion? We look forward to hearing from you.