A typical initial situation

You want to fix the succession of your company, but no family members – even in the extended family – are available or capable. On the other hand, you have very dedicated employees who may want to acquire a stake in your company. In this scenario, you could handover the company to its experienced managers, who can guide the company into a secure future and enable the staff to feel that continuity is being maintained. Last but not least, you may deal with the option having an external director come to the company, who would acquire shares of the company and then in a second step take over the company completely.

You will ask critical questions

  • What are the options and what is the best process?
  • What is the value of my company and what sale price can I achieve?
  • How should the process be designed to ensure that the acquisition proceeds as smoothly as possible, internally and externally?

Our services

The succession process in an MBI/MBO project is divided into four phases.





In the analysis phase, we create a project plan together with you. We use a specific due diligence software to determine an initial shareholder value that is supported by in-depth market analysis as well as interviews with key employees. Identification and evaluation of possible candidates for an MBO completes this stage.

Based on the data of soft and hard facts, we develop different succession scenarios, which we thoroughly evaluate together with you. This provides you with a detailed SWOT analysis as a basis for decision making, which includes an initial clarification of legal and tax issues. This project phase concludes with the decision for a prefered succession option that will be primarily pursued.

In a next step, you will receive a detailed concept. This includes an elaboration of the target scenario, a financing concept, along with a determination of the expected change impact for the organisation.

Coordinated communication is of crucial importance in the implementation phase. We moderate the discussions with key stakeholders and – if you wish – will take over the negotiations with potential buyers. After the purchase has been concluded, we provide professional change management focussed on motivating the staff to adopt to requested changes in the critical phase of the succession. The buyer will be supported by a sound business plan for the first 3 years.

Your benefit

The continuation of your life’s work is guaranteed by ensuring the existence of the company, and you can devote all your attention on your personal vision of the future.

  • Important stakeholders (suppliers, customers, banks, employees) experience continuity in the leadership and business strategy.
  • The succession concept is economically viable and the management competence is guaranteed for successful future development.

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