A typical situation

You have built your corporate strategy. It has been sufficiently operationalised in a strategic target system and in a strategy agenda. It is now time to focus on the implementation. The strategy often does not get across to the employees or it becomes watered down, because the accompanying change management is missing.

You will ask critical questions

  • How do we generate identification of our employees with the company strategy?
  • How can we get our strategy through to the day-to-day business level?
  • How can we bring the strategy to life in the company?

Our services

We support strategy implementation in the 3 core processes of communication, performance management and change management. A RFI Check (Ready For Implementation) provides the prerequisites. We review the strategy for sufficient operationalisation and if necessary will improve it together with your strategy team.

Change management

Strategy communication

Performance management

Strategy communication is a multi-stage process. It involves communication formats that will be adapted to the target groups and company size. Feedback loops provide information on what has been conveyed to employees and as to how they view their contribution to the implementation. Communication can be sustainably kept alive using the instrument of annual target agreement discussions.

The strategic target system and the strategy agenda with its strategic initiatives provide the basis of performance management. Deploying the strategic targets across organisational units can be achieved by using the BSC (Balanced Score Card) instrument. Implementation of the strategy agenda will be managed with both a central project charter and also department-specific initiatives.

The change management process aims for the buy-in of the employees and their adoption to the intended change. We develop adequate measures together with your strategy team, which address the essential issues from the employees’ perspective.

  • What makes this strategy attractive for us?

  • What do we need to change?

  • What department-specific initiatives do we want to work on?

Your benefit

The strategy is sustainably brought to life in your company.

  • The employees identify with the business strategy.

  • The management tools are in place in order to manage operational business in line with strategic targets.

  • The progress in implementation of the the strategy agenda is transparent to all levels of organisation.

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