A typical initial situation

The company focuses on continuity and sales representatives have long-standing relationships with their customers. New customer acquisition is a neglected subject and business with existing customers in B2B environment varies depending on the volume of customer business. The sales representatives behave in customer contacts rather as visitors than as salespersons.

You will ask critical questions

  • How can we develop our Sales force to an active driver of business development?
  • How can we develop our sales effectiveness?
  • How can we get more out of our sales opportunities?
  • How can we develop our sales team toward a competitive advantage?

Our services

Our development initiatives are addressed to all employees with customer contact (sales representatives, front office, back office, application engineering, sales promoters, customer service). Utilising a modular structure, we provide customised development measures with gradual deepening of content and anchoring of the targeted change in behavior.

(Strategy drives day-to-day business)

(build the road to success)

(apply strong personal sales skills)

(reach sales excellence as a team)

Are you looking for an interactive keynote speech for your strategy workshop, sales conference or your annual kick-off meeting? We discuss the topic and provide a customised stimulus for your event.

Our in-house seminars are based on your strategic focus in sales and on the key sales processes. This is important, because employees can only implement the personal stimulus they take from a seminar, if they are tailormade to their field situation.

Saturated markets, global competition, changing purchase behavior, and technological innovation in communication require a change in working methods of sales people. The change impact relates particularly to 4 areas of competence as outlined in the illustration on the left .

Do you have individual sales representatives in the field or a salesperson in the front- or back-office, you are looking for individual coaching as a development initiative? You want to support your sales people in the process of applying acquired knowledge in the live situation? We coach your sales representatives in the context of a co-travelling or your office staff in telephone sales in the live situation. Your employees will reflect performed sales contacts together with the coach and improvements can be directly implemented in the next sales contact.

You want to strengthen teamwork between different customer care units (field-sales, back office, customer service)? We take an experience-oriented approach in our development initiatives on team selling. We engage the team with respect to where it stands in its team performance and focus on the topics that will contribute most to the development process. In indoor and outdoor exercises we let the participants experience which resources are available in the team and how they can benefit from each other.

On your request, we create a customised training concept for your sales organisation.

Your benefit

Your sales team receives customised development impulses based on your sales strategy and specific sales processes performed in your company.

  • The sales representatives sustainably execute the sales strategy in their daily sales contacts.
  • The customer care organisation practices developed potentials and skills in the daily work with customers.
  • Every sales contact becomes an added value for the customer and the company.

Are you interested in having an initial discussion? We look forward to hearing from you.