A typical situation

Sales representatives sell and back office employees handle transactions – a classic role distribution in sales organisations. Offers are created but are insufficiently followed up on. Sales representatives are wasting their resources on customers with little potential and have no time for focusing on new account acquisition. There is a significant potential for increasing sales effectiveness!

You will ask critical questions

  • What is the status of utilisation of our sales representative resources?

  • How can we better integrate the back office with active sales?

  • How can we get more out of our sales opportunities?

  • How can we consistently keep the focus on the two growth drivers of “customer acquisition” and “customer development”?

Our services

The objective is to efficiently align your sales organisation to the defined sales strategy. We work on adequate organisational principles (target group, product, region), the necessary resource design and the blue print of the different organisational customer care units.

In addition to creating clear responsibilities in the sales force for potential exploitation in defined sales regions, integration of the back office and customer service organisation with active sales is an important driver for increasing sales effectiveness.

In accordance with the defined organisational principles we use geomarketing software tools for designing your sales regions by balancing the parameters of region potential, profit responsibility, and utilization of resources on the basis of defined service standards (contact frequencies).

With optimisation of sales processes we facilitate the breakthrough of internal best practices. Together with the sales staff, we develop the process standards and the key measurement criteria for active process management. The opportunities of digitisation are given special attention.

Your benefit

As a result, you receive a powerful sales organisation aligned to defined growth priorities

  • with clearly defined sales territories, balanced by the parameters of territory potentials, profit responsibility and free capacity for new customer acquisition
  • with active engagement of the back office and customer service in selling products and services

  • with a uniform standard for effective sales processes, enabling you to get more out of your sales leads
  • with the best conditions for implementing CRM in your company

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